Sunday, September 21, 2008

I Miss You~

Wew~I never thought that i would say things like that but yeah..I miss College,I miss Courseworks,I miss small Test,I miss the feeling of being afraid and scare while waiting those papers to be handed back to us..Most of all i miss my friends and not forgetting the freedom to go out to take those public transport!! I am so not a home person ok!~

On top of that,i miss my secondary school life! Lolz! That is such an irony! I hate or i might say that we usually hate things that we are at at the moment but then we tend to miss it when we are so over it...I know i am so right about that and those that disagree are so fake!!Lol~!
I only dislike to the fact that i have to wear uniform to school while secondary learning and i love freedom and the freedom of fashion is what i really really care about and yeah...i very kia si one...I don't like people talking around my back and poking it without me knowing it. I am the face-to-face kind of person. So who ever dislike my style,bring it face-to-face with me and don't play poke poke,too old for that la yea~^^*winks innocently*

Woah~I really want something to do everyday during my break la...I would go crazy if everyday is like today!! Oh Man!!!
I practically lie there on the carpet,facing the door,listening to the sound of the television yet not giving a damn about it,not strength to even move weh!!! I seriously don't know why but i think this might be a way of my body protesting and wakening me up and says "Go get a life,Gurl~". But~where do i head to get a life la~??
I was so bored today that when i reach home from church,and also out of tiredness,i slept for 4 hours straight leh~Then woke up because kena sounding and was given a long lecture about "Virtues". Sweat loh~~ My mum continue blab about what would people think if they see and know that there is such a gurl like me who sleeps in the afternoon like a log and not doing house chores??!! In my heart i was like "Wew~they will surely take me in as their daughter-in-law la,whatelse!! I am such a rare mer..they can't easily find a gurl like me for their son!!" Laugh my ass off!!!=p Of course i did not voice it out la~~I am not that dumb ok~

Hm~tomorrow no college for me lo~so it is a bored~
Feel like ajak my friends go out to yum cha but i am afraid that they have their own agendas. Besides,i have a feeling that like i am using them to fill in my free time ler since i hardly find them out let alone message when i had college!! But i did not do that on purpose lur~ I am utterly BUSY!! Go ask around lo if don't believe!!Lolz!!
I am actually so ever ready to face the second semester but at the same time i don't want it to come so soon because i want to enjoy my youthfulness~~^^
Besides,after 2 years,my besttie wouldn't want to continue any more and that means i am left all alone weh~Without anyone close la,thatz what i meant... I am such a sad case right??
Actually not every one suits me if it comes to besttie. Yeah~I am kind of picky la~ But i won't tell what i find in a good friend-relationship or else all of you will pretend one to be my BFF!! Lolz~~Just joking~Who la would want to be my BFF!? Haiz~Yet another sad case!!Lolz!

Ok la~want to go back to my movie and then go sleep!! Chiowz~ Hipe a great day for me tomorrow!!*muackz*


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