Saturday, September 27, 2008


3.22p.m Saturday,27th September 2008

I am now sitting at my living room and suddenly had this urge to blog! Lolz!!
I am such a blog-a-holic!!
But~ As usual,in the afternoon, Internet will be taken over by my brother and I will only get to use it around 9p.m. Wah!! He use for so long lo~ Some more they have the guts to say that I use the most and waste the most electricity!! Ish!

Come on la~ I only get to use it at night and usually by night, I’l be so beat up that I will only have the strength for 2 – 3 hours of online. And they say I waste electricity by staying up so late at night. Huh?? Mana keadilan??

The television now is on and I got my book beside me but I have neither interest in both.
Hm~ Kind of bored and I remember him and miss talking to him. Wonder~ what is he up to now?? But I bet that he is not even awake la~ Haiz~
Today so tired lo~ Hm~
Bored Saturday~
Mum sleeping like a pig at the couch, her nap, but nap for 2 hours lo~ So that is not call nap ok~ That is sleep. But every time also deny and said that that is nap! Ish!

Going to go shopping again next Monday!!!
I want to go and get my sweater!! Mum said that it is worth it and since I really really need that sweater, she gave me money to get it!! Lolz!! So happy lo~ I get that without using my money leh!
Another thing is….Mum has agreed and let me purchase another phone and also allowed me to use to line at the same time!! Hohoho~
I like being all grown up!! Wee~
I love this feeling of freedom and that I can decide for my own but~*chuckles*I tend to have this practice to ask my mum first before I decide on anything .
Eventhough sometimes my mum would scold me and encourage me to decide for my has become a habit I guess~
I really don’t know what will I do if it was not for my mum~*oh~~*
Laugh out real loud~


J.a.n.i.c.E said...

you going with us this comin monday to ts ? =P
let me know yah if you are...

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