Monday, September 29, 2008

Yet Another

Today is yet another shopping day for me! Yeah but boo also la because i need to spend money again!! Oh My God!! I am now really really broke lo~ I will need to buy a new handphone some more! Haiz~ But shopping is a hobby~ A real expensive hobby!! Lolz!!

Yesterday i saw a few old lady and they remind me of my grandma...
Saw one that has a bended leg and does not walk my grandma who has bone problems due to lack of milk consumption.
Saw another that no longer has any black hair on her my grandma who aged very quickly when she was still alive during her days washing kidney. Then,she was so lethargic and she really suddenly look so old and she can't do anything that she love doing.
Saw another that has a backbone problem in church...reminds me of my grandma that slip herself in the toilet and hurt her own back and i helped her to rub her back for almost one month,only then it heal..

Haiz~ I miss her a lot lo~
Kind of regret also la because did not cherish her like diamond when she was alive.

This year would be her 2 year anniversary of RIP.
Sad lo but what to do~ The Lord love her more than we do than to let her suffer on this temporary home,the Lord decided to take her back to her eternal home where she can enjoy life after striving for so long.
All i can do is to thank God that she is a Christian and a faithful one too~
Seriously~ She will pray for almost one hour every morning,sitting at the foot of her bed,on the cold morning floor. I have never see some one so committed like my grannie and i can say that i am proud of her.
Eventhough she have problems with her bended legs,she still make a point that she must attend her prayer meeting every Thursday night till...*sob*till she was diagnosed with a kidney failure and need to undergo dialysis till the day she die.
Oh~ She did die because of that i think~
She just can't take it anymore la~ It was really really suffering to dialysis.

Just imagine...
If she don't have high blood pressure..she would not need to consume so much medicine...not consuming so much medicine will not result in kidney failure...
If..If and only if she does not consume so many medicine~
She would still be alive here with us~
She was a strong woman who looks like she does not have any sickness till~~ she goes for dialysis.
*we will always remember you and i hope to see you again when my day finally come*


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