Friday, September 19, 2008

Victoria Free-Man~~

Lolz!! Most of you will never ever get the maning of this title! It is not that i changed my surname to Free-Man or i added a name la~Lolz!!

I am now official a free man/free person!Hohoho~Because~~My first semester's finals have finally over!!Lolz! Yea~I am having 2 weeks long and free holiday! A lot of things that i wish i can do during this 2 weeks lo~ Let me list down for ya! Hohoho*shiok sendiri~~*

Things to fulfill this semester break.
1) Sleep like a pig at home! *really need rest.*
2) Catch up on all the movies that i had missed due to busy-ness and studies. *a lot weh~*
3) Go gila gila with friends! *go anywhere and with whoever also can la!*
4) Want to go Kuala Selangor to have a taste on their seafood cuisine that is so dang cheap!
5) Want to sit back and relax and to catch up on all the story books that i bought and have not even start reading! *i'm like wasting money buying and not reading and not cheap weh~all RM60++ one ler~*
6) Want to start back my sports craze!! *i want to be fit again after all the spare tyres add-on!!* Lolz!!
7) Want to go karaoke with school mates.
8) Want to go SHOPPING!! Huhu~
9) Start studying my Macroeconomics because it seems a lot harder.*fat chance this will be fulfill!!*
10) I want to go swimming ler~~

Ok ok~ I know that that is kind of a long list and it seems impossible to fulfill any of them to the account that Victoria is such a lazy person!!Lolz~Hell yea i am la~
Nevertheless,i will try~Hm~
So now i am off to Movie World~~ Bye~~


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