Friday, September 26, 2008


I was like a worm today!! Lolz!!
I laze around the whole house the whole day!!
So got nothing to do lo~ Haiz~
Watched a few movies in the morning then the internet line kena rampas by my brother so i was bored to dead without the world of Internet!! Lolz!!

Resulted myself in reading my books, My "MEMORY KEEPER'S DAUGHTER" book~ I am really enjoying that book now and found that they used really really good lingo and their grammar is perfect!! Wee~~
Will do a summary of it when i am done so wait for it yea~ But i recommend this book to the whole world!! Lolz!!

There~ That is the book!!
Even the cover is so dramaticaly saddening hor~
It is VERY VERY actually!!
Go rage your book store for this!! Lolz!!


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