Monday, September 22, 2008

I Know You??

Do i even know you anymore?? Wew~I don't know and i don't think so~ We both have really grown up and out of each other.. Sad to say but i kind of missed those time that we had together when we were young and you used to make me your idol and you go by my words...

I can still clearly remember when..
.. We used to fight with each other over a soft toy,of who to get it and of who to owned it.
.. I spend all my day looking out for you while you continue sleeping soundly in your manger.
.. Both of us got so exited when we are presented with the same gift and we used to share it.
.. You scream your lungs out calling for me when u saw a big ugly bug.
.. We always spend time together playing masquerade-imagination party.
.. You cried,when you down or you don't get things you want.
.. You always tend to find fault with me and got me in to trouble and you ended up laughing gleefully over my sadness.
.. We go for holidays,you will always hung on to me because i am more brave and more out going.
.. We screamed our lungs out together when we were put on the train ride and we are under the tunnel and it suddenly stop!! Oh that was good times with you!!
.. We stuck up for each other when we are canned.
.. You went to your first day in to my primary school i was so thrilled that i have some one to look after.

I can really remember a lot of things that we usually do together gether when we were younger..
We are often known as twins although we are not,we look alike,sound alike and act alike..

I really missed those days that when you are being bullied,i will always be there and had always stuck up for you! Even though i got spank for that later on but still,that is a satisfaction that i still am able to be there for you. You have always been known as the soft side of me and i am always the tough side of you. What ever happened to that?? What ever happened to that relationship that we owned and managed together since young?? I really don't know you anymore and that really breaks my heart. I am no longer your best listener,your idol... I am now some one that just exist in your life that you did not ask for and so you have been to me.

We barely talk now. Barely look at each other. Barely even laugh and scream out loud anymore.
Separately we walk,you on the left and me on the right.
Too ashamed to acknowledge each other's presence to our friends when what we did during young was that we screamed each other name and spell it out loud in to our friends faces!! Lolz~owh~i really do missed that part and you should see their faces.
Oh well~you have move on and so have i.
In matter of years you will be a total stranger to me even though we bump in to each other every single day,hour,minute and second!!

I wonder~~Would you still even remember me if i were to study abroad and come back after that?
Any how any who~I miss you, my _ _ _ _ _ _ R.


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