Thursday, September 18, 2008

Is It Wrong?!

It happened so sudden!! I don't even know where i had done wrong?! Can anyone please tell me??

I'm lost. So very very L.O.S.T~
Do i even know what that means? L.O.S.T brings a lot of meaning in my life~In every aspect,in every agenda,in every thing that i do or does.
L.O.S.T also causes me a lot of trouble,hurt,pain,sadness,anger,frustration,patience and also a huge sacrifice of L.O.V.E. And yet it is another big L with a big meaning!Haiz~

Is it wrong that we are destined to meet and we ended up as best friends even though we don't know that this relationship is worth it all?!

Is it wrong that as days goes by and weeks and months too,you have been very special to me and you knew me like we are best friends since young even though we have not met each other before?!

Is it wrong that i goes against some things that i think it is not favorable to me and am reluctant to do it for you?!

Is it wrong that i had begun to realize that you already have a special place in my heart and as days goes by friendship turns into love?!

Is it wrong that if i feel jealous when ever you talk about your ex?!When ever you said that "it is hard to forget as she is part of my memory."

Is it wrong that i have this feeling that i want to LOVE you and together we built another better and long lasting great memory?!

Is it a must that i am the one who always apologize and make good with you?! Can't you for once take over that role?! Do you know that it is very tired to please you?!

All i ever wanted is to know you more,to know what exactly you are thinking,what you are doing and what do you feel whenever you are spending your time with me. All i ever wanted is also to help you recover and to make your days brighter and happier without being and feeling like such a loser. All i ever wanted is a companionship that is so real until i would not believe that i own it.

All i have got to say is that i am SORRY and i hope that this would be the very very last time i am going to say SORRY to YOU... I hope you read this...


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