Tuesday, September 23, 2008


I feel that i am spooked or this house! Lolz!!

Last night,as usual i do go online till the wee hours and suddenly while i was on my way to offline and was clearing things, i have this sudden feeling that i am being watched!! Urggh~Then suddenly i heard sounds of mice...Like cit..citt..~~ You all do know how mice sounds right at their absolute high pitch that we would be scare too in bright day light... Imagine la~i heard it at night!! My God!! I was so freaked out weh!!

Later on i went upstairs and then again i have that naggy feeling that i am being watched again!! My God!! Is this what they call spritual attack??!
Or i am plain stressed out and am imagining things myself? I do imagine stuffs when i am stress and i am kind of born with that syndrome la~Ish~ Of all people to have that syndrome!! Hishs~~
Then when i am in bed,feels like "things" creeping up beside me like as in Exorcists!! My freaking God!!!
Pray lots for me yea!!! I am never ever so afraid like now weh~ Imagine la~ Till i sleep early now and don't dare to stay up late already!! Urggghh!!!

Anyhow anywho~~Pray for me!! I am going to off now!! Bye!!
*Dear god,please give me good rest tonight and protect me from any hindrances!!*


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