Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weekly Cravings~

Actually i got different cravings EVERY DAY,yea~seriously la~Buttt~~this is week is a special thing weh~I only crave and even day dream about...erm..shy to say la..lolz~I crave for donut.Yea~i simply crave for Dunkin Donut!Woo~~Had my first one when it was my 12 years old birthday and never ever fancy othe donuts ever!!It was like love at first sight weh with Dunkin Donut's donuts~~
Me,being a great fan of anything that has got to do with flour,besides having a passion for bread,i also hearts donuts!!Hm~~Weh~it has been long long long long longgg time since i can remember stuffing a Dunkin's donut into my mouth!I want the banana flavor one,and the mochachinno,the green tea flavor,the mango one~Woo~~i want it all la~~Hm~~Since it is so late and obviously i'm not going to eat anything that even resembles of that heavenly baked flour so i need to result and be contented with pictures~Haiz~~

A sight in which i long to see and be in now~

I will be ubberly contented if i were presented with this now~*and gained like 3 kg*Lolz!!

Usually here will cost me around Rm13++,but who the hell care!!It's Dunkin's Baby~Yea!!

My brother he hearts this~It is weird~He likes things that are pink~Have you tasted this flavor..this is the worst weh and it gives me toothache!*ps:i got sensitive teeth!!*Lolz!!

And i heart all this!!*so coincident leh~i google this pix and there got this*all are my favs!!Got the banana one,the choco banana one,the inside got strawberry one,the chino one~Wee~~^^
*behelding that not there box and dreamingly twirl around the room!*Lolz!!

Hell yea!!!Anyone who gives me this,i'l marry him weh~*only guys allowed*Lolz!!
Hm~seems my September resolution can't be fulfill!!Lolz!
Me shall satisfy myself with one of it tomorrow!!Huahaha~~


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