Monday, September 15, 2008


Two more papers to go!!Yeah!!
And i am as free as the bird for 2 weeks only!!Lolz!!Well~~better than nothing right??
Hm~Kind of starting to plan what to do during semester break..Well,i really wanted to catch back with all my friends,be it friends from church,National Service or college!!Lolz!
*so mish you all la~*
Accounting tomorrow.Hm~quite prepared la..better than what i was feeling when i need to face with my BS examinations.Actually it is quite interesting!!Lolz!!I so take back my words now that i can't do ACC,i did it and it is in my course!Thank God for guiding me through lo~

Another thing is that...i so want to go traveling..

I want to feel the sky again!To wake up looking out to nothing but lots and lots of "cotton candy"

I want to get out from the hustle and bustle of the city to some where i can find peace and serenity!

I would love to watch the sunset some where far from home with the one i love.Only me and him~

But for now i just have to deal with all my studies first and then later only to fulfill my dream!!Lolz!!

This is what i see every day now~Haiz~~


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