Saturday, September 13, 2008

Dead and Risen

I died this afternoon(2 - 3.30p.m) and resurected in the evening(4 - 8p.m).Lolz!

Ok~today really suck la becausee~~today is suppose to be a weekend which means the end of this whole week and also the end of this whole week's activities~butt~~some how i/rather we~all need to go back to school for our finals~
Since my mum is not working today so i had to take public transport all the way from my house to Setapak!!So dang far lo~I waited madly for 30 - 40 minutes for that bus to bring me to the Ktm Serdang~Never mindd~~
Later,the bus driver drove like shit and like kept messaging and talked on the phone with his girlfriend and obviously this affected his driving and kena honk like gazillion times.He nearly make me puke in the bus man~Because he was obviously suddenly on the fast speed then he will accidently missed the stop*on the phone ma* and break like he has never seen breaks before in his whole entire life~Haiz~Nevermindd~~People i give face!Lolz~
*cursing like shit now*
What really did the last stroke for me was the situation at the Ktm.I waited for 10 minutes*because it shows there* and then the train did arrive but 15 minutes late*nevermind* and the best part is~*jeng jeng jeng~~* it did NOT STOP!!Yea~serious shit weh~We all waited like gila but it did not stop weh~It just went straight ahead without any passengers~And there goes la,all those cursing from fasting people weh~~Lolz!!I was actually humoured at that time.Lolz!
Later on waited another 20 minutes lur~for the next train and thank God it stopped this time.Ok~Total~i wasted more than 30 minutes waiting for our "so" orderly public transport.I went out at 10a.m and reach school at 1 p.m!!How great is that!!*sarcasm*
Obviously no last studies because i was too tired and it was very hot today and the Ktm did not have any air condition*i don't know why* and i nearly pengsan in the Ktm!Huish~~
*stabbing at the photos of the public transport!Lolz*
Exam started at exactly 2.
Got my paper and just sat there.Was there,sitting and not moving.
*was actually praying hard that it is easy la~*
Opened the paper after 30 minutes and was starting to work my way around the paper.Was ok~at the first graph and then got stuck at the second question!And there my nightmare starts~
*obviously my wish was not granted and yea the paper was hard for me*
I blanked~As blank as a white sheet of paper*maybe the paper also not as blank as me*
Tried and tried and tried and freakingly tried my utter most best to work my freaking brain and squeezes all the juice out to answer all question butt~~it was all to no avail~Haiz~
So~~i need to set aside Rm50 now for next year for the resit.End of story of my death.

On a brighter side...
*was suprised that i still can fake out laughs when hanging with my friends*
Went to Times Square on the intention to see and have some starry fun with those of 8Tv hosts and hostess.To our great disappointment,we saw none~~Hell yea~None!!Lolz!!

This year's carnival was not as successful as the last one and see la~so few people only and nothing much to see too~~
It was really hot so we went inside and walked around browsing and to catch up back with friends on what is happening in their lives now~And camwhore a lot too la~But~not all pictures i will post la~

us~why i so yellow wan!!?

this while waiting for a very gentleman~why i so pale?!
Ok~after 1 hour of waiting and camwhored till phones and cameras no battery*chuckles*, the gentleman finally arrived and the first thing he said was "Very very hungry leh~~lets go makan~".
That time was almost dinner so we "quickly" make a choice of where and what to eat~
10 minutes later~*lolz* ended up in a place called GASOLINE.
That place ada mood la~Lolz!!Those people must have been fed with gasoline because the way they walk and talk is like they are dancing and rapping at the same time!!Lolz!!Funny-ness~
The guy who served us was real joker la~He walked towards us like of those kangaroos and the way he talked is funny too~~And the way to order food is funny too~~Lolz~It goes by numbers and we all sounded like we want to buy 4D or Toto~~Lolz!~!Lmao!!
Lets have a look at the hungry ghost!!Lolz!!

Alar~~not clear~here~he is gobbling up those poor fries like real fast.

And stuffing it into his mouth!!Lolz!!
We camwhore a lot here too~~Lolz!!But will upload later on~

Later on..met up aith my mum and brother at the pasar malam and went shopping again!!Lolz~I bought nothing la except for a pair of shoes.Hm~Got Mickey and Minnie wan leh~~Lolz~*kiddo~*

My shoe also black and whitewash like this~~hehehe~~


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