Friday, October 3, 2008

Me Today.

Woke up at 9a.m and my mother told me that we will go out at 10a.m.
I was like what the~ One hour where got enough time to get ready la~
So what the~ But manage to get ready by 9.30a.m and i had to wait for my mom.*lol*

Went to Mid Valley and were surprised that there weren't a lot of people and then mum reminded me that today most Malaysians are back to work after the Raya holidays and being the unobservant me..I bloody care la that the others are back to work or not, I only know that my mum days back to work la~ Lolz!!

Midvalley's decorations for Raya.
Then walk around and bought clothes, chooses some bags, accessories, bought a new Cecelia Adhern book.

cost me rm 33.55 lo~ Kinda expensive for a book but worth it!!^^
Later~ Went to some food court to have our lunch then back home!^^

Then play games like till dinner time. And we had a healthy dinner today. We had...

carrot and cabbage salad.

some chicken soup.

and yes~ Bread.
So healthy right!! Lolz!!


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