Monday, October 27, 2008

Kings Kid's 26th Birthday Bash

This happen yesterday, on the 26th too and coincidently it is KK's 26th birthday too.
I actually skipped service and went there to kepoh... I went there to help la of course..

Everyone's preparing. I was wandering how awfully clever and obedient this KK kids are...This is like their las minute practice and they really were eager to make it great.

Uncle David the clown!!

Kee Aun tipuing the kids!! Lolx!!

And the kena tipu kids quickly put on their birthday hats! So kesian lo~~

Then it started off with the tambouriners came in twirling and twirling~~ Wee~~

Then, begans the worships conducted by 6 song leaders!! 6 weh~~^^

Band of the day.

After worship ended, in came the KK Metro Tabernacle's mascots! I was once scared of this two weh.. And to the thought that this kids were yelling their heads off, thirlled to see em.. I was not..Till this day. But i was wandering who is inside xia??

The furry Pekingnese mascot dog. Not that cute though..Hmm..

The monkey-in-pants mascot! Lolx!!

Everyone joined in the fun!! Poser kids!!^^

While the kids are having their game, this is what i helped in doing. Yes.. Counting money. Ok~ I do and can count easy money la.. Not that dumb..Lolx!

They really spent a lot of money alone on ballons weh.. we was like in a jungle of ballons. Kinda like fantasy feeling.. Nice and sweet..

Then... the all time favorite.. Puppet's lips synching.
Spice Girls lip synched, they kena laugh...
Puppet lip synched, they get all the oohs and aahs...

Then i invaded the privacy of the birthday cake by taking tons of picture of it and only this turns out nice and presentable because all was there to take a picture of it and obviously i kena halang la.. Short ma..Lolx!!

Then the cake was alight and i cant see the wordings anymore because Uncle David was like " hurry la, I want to push this in.." =.=

Then our dear Pastor Nancy was given the honour to cut the cake and thus to give us the birthday wish! Jon oh, you block my camera you tweep...=.=

I was trying to be a big kid and enjoying the magic show and this guy caught hold of my attention. God!! Kids this days! Getting smarter by the day, not that this is smart la..Huahahaha..

Uncle David giving out tissues as a starter for his magic show and later on he tipued the kids!xp

"How the heck he do that??"

Kids: "I dont believe still got lo!! Pull!! See how long you can stand!!*evil laughter*
Clown: "Pull lo~~ Pull~~ Blek Blek~~ Still got a!! Blek~~"xp
They are pulling tissue by the way, you all know this trick? Where the tissue will come out unending when you just had two tissues and stuffed it in to the mouth..

Then the second show started.
Their performance never change since like i was standard 5 weh.. Swt!!=.=

Then i was bored because i knew how that works so i start camwhoring babies!!@@ Huhuhu~~

Pheobe and i forgot your name.. Cuteness!!@@

And my all time favorite, DANIEL!! Woo~ so hard only then i can get hold of this. Daniel looks major cute and i looked retarded!xp Love ya sugars~~Muackx!!=*

Then i went to the adult service and was just in time for the last worship and prayers.

So many people~
Then while waiting for my mum at the corridor, spotted two kiddos playing like nobody's business and their mum was also chatting away la so i got their pictures for free!! Lolx!!

Posers!! Look!! He gave me threes instead of Peace!! Lolx!! Cute!

And a picture of myself happy to the max and before i get my hair cut short again. I miss you hair!! Woo hoo~~


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