Monday, October 6, 2008

Duffel Bags

I am so into a craze for duffel bags this days but it seems that i can't find one that i really like and goes "Aww!!".
I also know that duffel bags aren't really meant for girls because it is large and all and as presume, ladies like to carry tiny bags. But different case for me.. The bigger the bag, the better it is for me. Lolz~
Well, went online to check out some latest duffels and found a few that really is what i want and am finding for but i guess i won't find as nice as this in Malaysia.Haiz~ What a pity~

This is actually a duffel bag for men but.. i really love the design and black is always my cup of things. Anything that is black and i goes "Woah~" Lolz~ I so can imagine myself using this now. My God~^^

Can you believe it!! This is also for men! My God! But seriously the color doesn't go with a handsome looking man la.=p Anyway~ i love this too because it is make of leather and the color is actually very chio la and i can imagine myself go to the beach using this duffel darling. Hohoho~=)

Ok~This is for girls. See how they highlight it out by adding a red stripe onto the handle of the bag. And also to the zippers. So nice rigght~ I want to use this to college!!! If i could find something that look like that here...Man~it will be mine i a sec~ Lolz~

While shopping that day, manage to spot some nice bags too~ But i don't think that those are categorized as duffel la.
Wait~ i shall google to find those bags that i meant..^^
*after 5 minutes*
Darn it!! I forgot the name of that bag and thus can't find it on google.
But~ i saw all Chanel's new bag!!

Wuah~~!!! So nice!!! So want all of it!! Lolz!
No purchasing power so by looking at it also will be satisfied la~ Lolz~^^


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