Saturday, October 18, 2008

Does Love Really Blinds One's Eye??

"Love at first sight."
"Love is blind."
Those are familiar aren't they??
Those are words that people use when they had fallen in love or at least THOUGHT that they had fall in love with someone, be it of their own flock or of another type of flock.
As for me, i don't believe at love at first sight.
I said that because, what is there to love when you know nothing about the other person?
If you love him/her just for their outlook then that is not love, that is what we called LUST.
Lust and Love is 2 different thing.
Love can last a relationship till the end of time.
As for lust, it might only last for half a year and that is if you're lucky.

I actually do believe in the say of "Love is Blind".
The reason i vote for that is because it is really happening, here, around us..
We don't need to go far.. Just observe people all around you and you will instantly get the answer.

People all around me actually get together, holding onto the verse that love is blind and when things go wrong they will say, "Yeah.. I was blinded by love then but now i am awake by LOVE."
I so totally believe that we should find someone special which is of our same flock so that all things will go all well and ends well instead of fighting for things that are real stupid and getting ourselves hung over for no reason. I have been there and done that and to tell the truth, it is not fun at ALL!
Juggling love and studies all at the same time is really the hardest "job" ever existed in this world. I am so through with that condition and am not going to dip myself into real shit anymore this time of the year as my studies aren't going that well too. It is a real pain in the ass too to always need to care for someone, and if we are appreciated, then that is worth it but if we are return with mockings, then you can bloody fuck off la!!

God!! Why do people go all and out to find love and ended up hurting each other and realised at the end of the day that they are not meant for each other and as well stopped being friends and treat each other like total strangers, padahal, you just hug each other and probably kissed him/her like yesterday!!
Don't you feel like you're prostituting yourself??
Or you just want to show that you can love and be loved by anyone?
Hm~ well true love don't work that way, you amature!!!
Well, i am not in that shoes too to talk about having and experiencing true love as i, myself have not found one. And i doubt that i will find one la except for God's everlasting love.

Anyway, i still respect your decision and i will always be there for you no matter what happens because you're a dear to me and i will not let anything or anyone to harm you.
*winks and grins*


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