Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forever You Will Be

Huhu~Been listening to a lot of songs lately due to boredom and starting to hate the feeling of single-ness.
Where are all the good guys la??
I thought it is suppose to be easier to get some one special when you are at college??
It seems that it is way harder...=.=
Prolly because when we are at secondary, we, i meant me, knew almost all the people in the whole entire school, people of two sessions.
At college, it is hard to make new friends. Trust me..pelbagai character that is way out of expectation.
No friends = less chance to meet some one special. Lolz~
*it is all crap ok~not that desperate*

To my most besttie in Japan,
I have not forgotten about you dear!!! I miss your freaking sugarass like a bunch!! It's been so dicking long that you contact me lo~ And to the fact that i don't have your bloody chio place number!!=.=
And you lazy ass stop blogging and that makes it harder to contact you!!! Huish~
Don't become katak bawah tempurung la~ Lolz~
You have probably forgot your bloody Malay la you BAKA!!
Huahaha~thankx for the sweets although it reach abit la~ i meant very late for my birthday but i received it though but aren't sure it is edible or not because it seems squashed and like it melted..=.=
Nice packaging la hor~
Don't make me jealous la hor that i can't go there this year..=.=
Got school la cayang~
Hows my stupid perasan Jae Joong Oppa?
Still so perasan?? I know the answer even without you telling me lo~ Lolz~

Lastly, to some freaking freaks~ this is my blog, my online-not-so-secret diary, my page, my web, my site, my streamyx, my bill...
I write what ever freak i want la and you can bloody shut up and fuck off if you hate it!!
I bloody care....NOT!!!


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