Sunday, October 5, 2008

Old Memories

My gosh!!! I am now sitting here, blogging and at the same time chating with my "old memories".

"Why can't you just leave me alone??!
Why is it that when i was just about to forget and erase you from my threnody... You came back and popping back your life in to mine?
Why is it that you can't forget me and just move on like what i am trying to do here?
Can't you just stop hurting me?"

These are the thoughts that i am having right now.
All of a sudden, he is here. Back here. Right back in my life. Saying that he misses me. Misses old days that we had when we held each others hands, those moments that we sat down laughing at everything possible.
Also said that he hated the time when he make the decision to end the relationship, question why i agreed to it and instead of trying to safe the relationship.
It all came way too fast.. Too fast that i did not foresee it to happen in my life.

If anyone wants to know what i am feeling right now..
I am now 60% happy and the rest are sadness that flows right back the moment he is in my life again.
I am so so so so....=.=
I don't know how to describe it~
I think i already got someone but then again i am not sure that i will be with that "someone"...
And now that this bloody bastard come along and refresh my old memories... I am so lost~


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