Friday, October 24, 2008

Goodness!! Freaky Spies Alert!!

God!! Some one is freakingly hiding around the bush like natives and reading my post then goes back to his little space and boast everything about it. God!! How unsightly this little world that you created is turning to be, modernized people hiding and beating around the bushes. What ever happen to GUTS?? Whatever happen to being a MAN??Whatever happen to being COURTEOUSS??
Like some one said "Tut tut power ranger to the rescue"
Heck with you.
Put down your dirty signature here la if you're so good to being bitchy at your lil' space. Ain't what you saying reflecting yourself?
God!! M so going to pretend i did not see anything because i don't want to add sins and then ended myself in hell due to some freaky fugly idiot that i would want to say in his face" Who the heck are you to me?"
I am through being your friend and was so ever regretting that i talked to you before and eating on the same table with you before. What a disgrace to me and so mem-persia sui kan me....
Four fingers back to you MORON, remember that.

Going to be myself no matter how you disgrace me for only God knows and you know it.
To some one special: I need you right here, right now, with me....


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