Thursday, October 23, 2008

Got My Exercise and Feel Lighter Now...

Get to work out for the very first time since i enter college and also get to use their facilities. Not that satisfying but still acceptable.
So i chose to join the volleyball club and to catch back what i had left behind at secondary stage.
Reach just in time but due to forgetfulness, we forgot to take along with us the slip and so ran to get it and by the time we ran back for what seems like one kilometre, we are considered late and had to take the punishment. What the.. But we are only asked to run 3 rounds unlike during school time, we had to run 10 weh...
Did a lot of warm up and a lot of crap talking from him as well, and all we ended up really doing something that has got to do with the volley ball is by practicing air taking. Whatever.. And after all those warm up, it really kills me because i was a potato couch for so long.

Camwhorer.. anytime, any place! Hoho~ This is my sweaty looking face right after volley while waiting for some friends to take our shower.
After that went for class and tried hard to understand but unsuccessful and so went out and went to the bursary to get back the cheque. And so i realized that TARC staffs are really very lazy and very messy.

Goodness!! Like rubbish bin eh!!
No wonder this stupid girl find till crazy for my stuffs la

As you can see that there are many people and i had waited for 10 minutes to still have 3 people ahead of me!!!
And all i can see is...

That freaking fat dude just continue eating inside of opening the counter and i hate that "NEXT COUNTER PLEASE". They make us wait so long weh...

And now i am tired to blog so here's a picture that i really want to show to enchance the "greatness" of Msia's public transport.



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