Friday, October 17, 2008

Early Bird Gets The Worm

Am I really that late??
It is not even 10 p.m yet~
And i can't even get into one nice web where i get my chio and free movies.
I am a movie buff especially Korean and Japanese movies.
Since not all of those are aired on televisyen and i don't really watch that black box, i feed my movie needs at sites like Crunchy Roll and also Mysoju.
I can't get into either of those!!!
People once told me that it is very hard to watch a nice smooth going without buffering for ages punya movie during peak hours. Night is the peak hours where people from all nation around the world goes online till wee hours and jammed up my streamyx space till i am unable to watch my movie!! Ish~
I want to watch my movie~T.T
*trying it again, time now is 9.50p.m*

Darn it!! I am only able to watch a smooth movie for 2 minutes!! Sweat!!!!
So back here to blab a bit la~~
Let you all see what my pwetty friend is talented in besides being pwetty... Heheheh~

Meet!!! Kamenashi-chan!!! Lolx!! Cute right!!!
Yea~ She is talented with drawing using the computer.
She should have study graphic design lo actually but she say that she is not that interested but does this kinda drawings for leisure.
I'l go and ask her to draw a Keroro for me~
She seems to be busy~ Oh well~ I just have to wait so i'l go back to the buffering to see how it is going.
*time= 10.00 p.m*
I think i go read blogs first better la~ Lolx. It lasted 2 minutes too~=.=
Wee~ it buff all at last so chiow now~
Will post that Keroro if i ever get it!! Lolx!


×拖拉迷× said...

ok ok~
i'l try to draw a keroro 4 eeu nex time ok~?
juz need to wait lo~

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