Sunday, October 26, 2008

Freeshow Exposure

Went to the hypermarket this morning and i saw the Digi promo thing again.
I am practically seeing them everywhere!! Be it on my way to the lrt, while waiting for the lrt, and i even see them outside of my college.Heck!! When is Hotlink going to be so active and give out freebies?! I guess Hotlink don't need to do that huh? Since they have supporters like me!*winks* I reload till i pk every month ok! Lolx!
The Digi people really "burnt" up the hypermarket today, metamophorically speaking that is... Because they invited 2 fire eaters to perform.
Seriously i enjoyed it but on the other hand, what has fireeating has got to do with Digi's "I Like"? And what about that cute yellow ducky? Thought of roasting that duck with fire eaters is it??! Now that's barbaric!! Lolx! But that duck mascot wasn't there so you all still able to see that cute advertisement la although i don't get what they meant. I never ever get Digi's advertisements!! Urrgghh!!

I know this picture has got nothing to do with that fire eating dudes because i took this while i am waiting for my mum and this boy looks cute so irrisistabally i took his picture then he shy shy pulak..

Finally got a clear picture of him when his mum handed him the mee. And he is having his pacifier and that motivates me more to take his picture because i think he is around one year old and still using pacifier.. Now that is cute!! I was robbed of my pacifier when i was only 9 months old!! Huhuhu~~

I tercepatet..if not i have caught him blowing the flames and flaming the whole area and my face because he was so near!!!

So cool~~ This is the best!!!^^

He was actually posing for me then his partner yelled,"Woi!!!" And that guy, man~~ His voice is so freaking loud that he make a girl cried!! Lolx@@


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