Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Which One?!

Started second semester today and it was great!! Lolz~
Had my first QS lecture today and the teacher was great! It is a HE by the way~ He is dang funny lo~ And he is way better than the last year's BS teacher lo. This teacher seems like he is the more modern type and he gives a lot of example during class and he actually knows the correct way to teach. And he does not teach by just reading out from the paper lo~ Bottom line~ Good!! *2 thumbs up!*

Later on, had BISA lecture.
Ok~ At first when she walk in we was like "ok~this time young teacher so should be fun!"*exited la*
Then suddenly when she started to talk and intro herself, we was kind of aggitated la! Because she has this so maladramatically annoying voice!! And she tends to curl up her tongue in order that she sound like an ang mo lang..Obviously tak jadi~ And we can't really get what she say lo~
Another thing is that she loves to scream and use high pitch when she is using the microphone!! Don't she know that she don't need to scream while she had the microphone??!! She don't know know how to use is it??!! She nearly deafened all of us lo~! And we plan to buy and bring earplug whenever we had he lecture, luckily she is not our teacher for tutorial!! Lolz!!
Another weakness~*now you know why i don't get good results*=p
This teacher keeps uses this annoyingly-not-in-dictionary punya "zat'zer". I was like "what the heck was that???" You all should try to say it with a bit of chinese apek slang and you will know why we laugh our ass off today at her class!! Lolz!! I even counted how many times she use that leh~ Around 40 times in mere 30 minutes~ A lot right??!! Haiz~

She dismissed us early and we have to wait for about 1 and a half hour for the next class and that is BAHASA MELAYU LANJUTAN*my favorite subject*. That's why i waited la~ If not i will blah already lo~ Lolz~
Then found out that we got a pretty teacher and she is a CHRISTIAN leh~ Not malay this time!! YESSS~~!!! Was so bloody happy la~ Obviously she has to be either a Sarawakian or Sabahan la to look like a malay but can embrace other religion. Ok~ She is a Sarawakian. Wee~~ No need to face that old h@#. Lolz~

Over all~today was great after a 2 weeks rest,sure it is great to be with friends. Lolz~
Then...then~~talk to my friends about my
hasrat of buying a new phone. So she gave me some ideas of what good phone la so she suggested K660. I,dumb at this kind of things, so i went back home and google at it lo~
So~ this is it~ Got 2 - 3 colors lo~

got this green and white one~ Chio lo but i scare i can't take good care of it la~But chio weh~

Then got this black and silver one and a blue black one. Ok~not that nice so don't want to talk about it la~ Lol

Then got this pinky black one. Hm~

So~ which one??! A minute ago~my friend say that the white one is the nicest la and i had thought so too~ but hor~white will get dirty one day la. And i am those type of people that can't take good care of things.
So~ Which one???!!!! Tell me!!!


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