Monday, October 20, 2008

New Findings.

One of my friend arrived in with her bag so big and bulky today and i cease the chance to tease her and so i said
" Wah!! So heavy yea~ So many things oh!!"
She just lolx!

Sorry yea, was just joking la...
This friend of mine really very very good lo.
They took all the trouble to answer my questions and withstand my bodohness for technology! Lolx!
And..and.. Went all the way back to KS to buy a new handphone for me and another 2 friends.
So good right??!!
Some more no tax charge leh!!

SO yea~
My new founding is my new CHINA handphone that only cost me RM380.
Like i post before.. I don't bloody care la China ke, India ke...
As long as the phone can be use and is within my budget so that i won't be bread freak for the next like...what....3 months?!
More than that lo.. I have no other income except for pocket money.=.=
I want job by the way..
So if got any recommendations, please recommend me!! Lolx!!
Huahaha~ No pictures yet because charging the fone. Lolx!!
I named it Vickiliciouss...
Just kidding and that was lame.=.=


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