Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Lil' Bit Of Today

Went to college by myself today because class starts late today, means public transport untung RM 1.50 today(bus). Then untung another RM 1.60 for monorel. See~ I help membangunkan my country ok~ Who say i anti Malaysia! Lolz~

Then join my friends for Kenny Rogers for lunch, it think that was for lunch la~
Ok~ Branch la because it was already 12p.m when we starting eating. Man~ Those two really are small eaters, and i mati-mati thought that i am a very small eater..Lolz~
That decision of having Kenny's really delight my day today because that WAS good food and i have not been smelling freshly roasted pepper meat for like ages~~ No thanks to my mum who thinks that Kenny's is not worth it and their meat are over cooked. PS: "They" are not overcook... It is just nice.

Satiated the stomach and head back to college for lecture class.
It was Macroeconomics first 2nd semester lecture class today. And we really had a great Microeconomics teacher last semester and we weren't actually expecting anyone better than her la for this semester.
Then suddenly, an old and not that outstanding old guy came to our class and i thought that he is just some kerani pejabat who came to hand us bills. So obviously class was still in havoc and only a handful notice that lecturer*including me yea*. I kan good girl~ Lolz~
Only to know that this is our lecturer. Nothing outrageous about him and nothing he had on scream something about his personality. He seem like a freelance business man to me though but he did not reveal his full time and only introduce to us that he is a part time lecturer.
One thing~ He kept saying "eu' seee~" and obviously the others who notice that laughed la~ I did not notice it at first but i can really change to 5th gear at great pace*metamophorically saying*
But over all, he is okay i guess.. A bit lazy though and that i must admit.

Bla bla~ English class is never a bugger to me and everything was fine.
Was really bugged about the phone thing though. Got headache out of that~ Lolz~
I still can't decide!!! God~ Is that like so freaking hard???!!!=.=


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