Friday, October 31, 2008

Blog Turn Pink!

Woot~ Yes, Vox's blog template has changed to pink.
No~ There isn't a sudden light that light upon me and some how make me think that pink is the thing now and so changed it.
Pink is the in-thing now, that i can't doubt, but i actually grew tired of wearing, seeing, using, having black and white stuffs! My life has always revolved in black and white! No wonder not much of good luck comes my way! Woot~ So, being kinda in believing feng sui, i am ditching gloominess...
For those that know me, that is like impossible. But HECK, I WILL prove it to you all that nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!!

For everyone's information, PINK is not only all about bitchy-ness and girly-ness...
*please accept my new form of word.*
Pink is actually PRETTY.
Yes, i said it.
Me, who usually think that pink is not a COLOUR. I thought pink is a disgust.
I take all that back now!! Wee~
Pink is SWEET~
Pink is EVERY WHERE!!!

My favorite flower which is the Sakura is PINK.

Pink chiffon dress are CHIO!

I am beginning to indulge in pink-ness and other color!!
BYE BYE black and WHITE and also GREY.


samanthacje said...

pink is good! and i love that dress!

Voxy said...

yea~thanks sammy!! tot u never read my blogs anymore..Lolx!!

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