Saturday, November 1, 2008

Third Post for The Day

Ok~ I know i blab a lot and i seem like i got a lot of time to blog and be stuck in front of the computer like 24/7.
In fact, i do. That is why results not good!
Anyway, since now here is 12.37 a.m, 1st of November, I have two things that i would pretty much look forward too to blog about.

Yes... Today is Saturday.
Means, rest, chill at house, help out, or some might even still be nerd and stayed at home studying. I would be the first one to be last on that list la. As for today's Saturday, i am going to have my so ever first time-in-my-whole-entire 18 years of life, going to have class and it is going to be Accounting.
Woot~ I need ambulance right now!!!
Which means, less one day to rest and shake my legs at home although i have shake it very well enough yesterday. Lolx!!
Sien la this tutor! Giving lame excuses and all on our day to study and having his class, now, stealing away our precious moment with our family members and my resting time just so that he could cover up his ass and would not need to face the college board members and prolly get kick out and never resurface in my college.
Well, Mr-I-got-stuck-in-jam, i will prolly make sure that tomorrow will be the ever last time i see you in my class. Because i don't want you as my tutor, i don't want to have even the slightest tinny winny bit of chance for "FAILURE" to come again in this unit. And i will bloody make sure of that.

The second thing is that, today is the anniversary of the 2nd year that my grandmother had left us.
Not really because i know that God loves her more than i do than to let her to suffer and so He "invited" her "home".
Please watch upon me, po po, that i will not go back to my old ways and make the hell outta my mum's life.
Help me tell God to give me what i had told you before and i will be as sweet as i can be.


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