Monday, November 3, 2008


My first day on strict diet today and i feel great! No more chunky and bulky feelong after every meal. I even feel lighter!^^ Loving it!!
I had nothing this morning and dread eating college food when i was there and so i did not eat anything till i reach home. When at home, ate only fruits in which i love!! Wee~~ My mum need to spend more money on fruits from now on! Lolx!!

But horr~

Feeling hungry now! =.=
I shall persevere!! Since i had fast for almost one day now, i shall not give up now!!
But still i want to salivate by looking at all this picture of foods that i feel like gobbling down greedily now! Lolx!!

God!!! Yes!! I crave for chee cheong fun now.
See the oiliness and savor the smell and taste of it!! Hmm~~

Ipoh chicken rice with a lot of taugeh!!

My all time favorite Tom yam seafood mee. It has been so long since i go eat tomyam weh~ So~ who want to bring me go eat??! Lolx!xp

Not forgetting Baskin Robbin's ice cream!!!
Ok~ enough~ I am getting more and more hungry now.
Going to watch Moonlight Resonance. I know i am so dead beat late la sedangkan the show has like already ended and now only i start watching it. Too busy la~ Oh well~~ Safe time! So c ya~


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