Saturday, November 1, 2008

Then Again...

Some one asked me what is the meaning of being happy...
For me, being happy is~

1) Wake up every morning and has this feeling that says " EVERYTHINGS GOING TO BE ALRIGHT"

2) Wake up to find that breakfast is there for me to consume.

3) Looking onto the highway and sees smmmooottthhhh traffic.

4) Breathe the morning fresh air.

5) To have this feeling that i am being loved.

6) To know that i am still breathing and alive and still have the chance to walk the walk and talk the talk.

7) Upon reaching college's main gate because i know that i am still a student and i don't wana grow up!!T~T

8) Having good and relevant teacher who teaches confidently.

9) To talk to him.

10) To just listen to his voice.

11) To just ignore him and later i kena manja.

12) To have my Mp4 stuck to my ears the whole day!! Woot~~

13) To be able to go out without fear.

14) To be able to sing praise and worship at college without being looked at like a nerd.


16) To be stuck in a fully crowded train with him.

17) To be able to pass my Accounting exam.

18) To know one day that my "enemy" will freakingly disappear from my sight and so that i will never need to see him again.

19) To know that there are more and more INTELLIGENT kids around and being asked till the ass drops off and still maintain the cuteness!!

20) Last but not least, to be able to SEE HIM FACE TO FACE.


迷糊学长 said...

love is in the air....

and i am suffocating.

Voxy said...

lol!! what love is in the air?!ish! and why are you suffocating huh??

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