Thursday, November 20, 2008

Busy-ness = Business

I am so maladramtically busy for the past two weeks! i feel like dying due to the hectic-ness!!
classes ends almost late evening everyday, needs 2 hours to reach home and by that time, i am so dead beat tired.
still, i need to rush assignments. namely group assignments but seems like the busy ones are only a few of us. is it just that we took this assignments way too harsh and we are perfectionist or the others are just plain lazy? i will never know... hope that it is the first one la~
rained almost every evening now. makes it so much harder for me to go home. i need to think properly every morning of what to wear and avoid long pants if i have to go home by myself that day, because my pants will end of sloshing all the way home. i must also always remind myself to put back the umbrella that i took out, if not, i will be drenched thoroughly!!
woot~!! why in the world i agreed to take business studies?! urrgghh~~

he smiled to me today!^^ duper happy yeok!! lolx!!

ok la~bye!!! i am so so so so busy!! got pending show to watch, novels to read, my own daily soul refreshing!! woot~~~


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