Sunday, November 16, 2008

New Life!!

finally!!! my aunty and my brother has decided to take another big step of faith in the Lord and that is to be baptism in water. my brother has been baptism in the holy spirit before and so does my aunty. i am so maladramatically happy for them~~ although i became the camera girl for this afternoon.
there were actually only 24 people that are going to enter a new phase in life and a step closer to the Father and not suprisingly, the number of supporters out numbered the candidates. yes.. we sure do have a very supportive and loving church members in Metro Tabernacle.
i felt so much at home and happy this afternoon although i barely know half of the members that were there, nevertheless, they do not make me feel like total strangers sitting beside them. we talked, shared experience and shared a bit of the future undertakings. there's this uncle who gave me tips on being a successful business woman! lolx!! thanks uncle!! i will remember what you had passed on to me...

among the 24 candidates, there were 2 elderly senior citizen who finally accept the Father in whole.

pastor Ong praying and declaring life eternity to one of the senior citizen.
they were baptism in such a way(no immersing into water) due to certain reason and circumstances..
(says Ps. Ong)

all of the candidates
the ones int he circle are my brother and my aunty...yes.. there is marie and melalyn too~lolx!!

then there is this big family photograph session.
spot my brother and eventually you will see my mum and thus my aunty.
so tak tau ambil position!! lolx!!

my aunt was the lucky number one of the whole lot.
she told me that she was so excited that she can't sleep the night before today. lolx!! you see the semangat-ness in her... so happy to see this picture!!

there~ kena immerse!! for non christians, this is not a murder case ok~ this is what we call baptism. total immerse in the water.

Pastor was joking with my brother some more!!
Ps: why i din't see you in service?? got go service or not??
Bro: got!!!
Ps: i didn't see you, where you sit??
Bro: behind near PA system...(haven finish cakap)
Ps: i din see you but you see me every week right??!!
Bro: *laughs** wna say something*
Kena immerse already before he even have the chance to say!! lolx!! sure telan water!!!

so fun to see people kena push into the water today!
in case you are asking why aren't i getting baptism..
fyi, i already married to the Lord since i was form One.


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