Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Latin dance.

saw a Latin dance promotion in school today. thus being a dance lover, me and my friend approach the stall. then this short, cute but kinda old guy suddenly came out front from behind the stand and starts explaining what is Latin dance to us like he had been memorizing it for days and eager to splurge everything to the very first customer that are willing to stand there to listen.
like i said, we were interested, listened, asked a few questions and thus wrote down our details.
this guy is prolly doing his first ever promotion on dancing because the way he presented it was really kayu and he was so damn nervous. even the paper that he handed us was written in pencil and there were a lot of error and a lot of scribbles, not like those damn standard printed out nicely and profesionally done forms to fill in.
nevertheless, the teacher is cute.*winks*(a bit short though)

then there were a short dance performance.
the teacher was even more chio and so damn pretty... but sadly there was no crowd.
it is like so damn bullshit weh, when the Kung Fu club was having a booth there, all Tarcians crowded at the canteen hall like there was a big pile of gold there waiting for them to rush in and dig in.
i mean.. come on la~ how can a Kung Fu club attract more "customers" than a Latin dance booth!!?!
thanks and no thanks to some guys who were just there for the sake of looking and hoping that when the teacher twirls, the super duper damn hot short skirt will fly up high to the sky, revealing the "heaven" beneath it. damn perverts~
i knew it because i was there, when they had that awe expression when the teacher did twirl, the talks that they passed on to each other, the giggles and the satisfaction looks and thus gone laughing out loud.
then i realised... Malaysians is so like way back time. they duper kuno style of mentality could really kill me at times!!
* if you wear duper short skirt/pants( showing thighs), you are not allowed to enter the college and your ID would be suspended.
* if you wear V cut shirt/blouse/tops. guys will look at you 24/7 hoping that you will bow down and forgot to cover it so that they can have a glimpse of heaven.
* when wearing low cut jeans/pants and when sitting, definitely ass shows, the guys sitting behind would stare and talk non stop about it and it gets louder and louder and louder and ended up the whole hall knows about it.
* wearing aupicious color inner wear and wearing a white T/blouse on the outer, will definitely attract all eyes and talks about it will be held at the White House/Parliament.
* being differrent and wering dull colors(as in punk, gothic) will be thought of having mental problem.

i still have got a lot of egs but i don't even want to bother to elaborate.^^
i was remember that when my mum brought me to China Town, i saw this 2 angmos lady having quite big "pillows" and was wearing a damn short and tight blouse matching a white see through short skirt. and usually angmos are big in size(fat), so you can imagine what i want to say next la... elaboration not needed la~
then this 3-4 malay guys passed by and "woot" and "weet" at them and was like challenging them to be touched by them because they walked so close to the ladies and was on the verge of touching them!
till this day, i would say, what a disgrace...
sees flesh and they lost their own flesh(dignity)
like never see flesh before!! haix~ damn saddening...

by the way, Latin consist of Cha Cha Cha, Paso Doble, Samba, Rumba and Tango.
i had seen my friends dance before and fell in love with samba!
my mum encourage me to learn and agreed to pay half of the fees! damn happy now!!^^



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