Wednesday, November 12, 2008
the workload for today was really really intense! i hope that there will always be someone there to help me manage my time and to tell me and slap me across the face to wake me up to the fact that i am no longer in Japan. where i could laze around and just walk out of the house without caring much how well dressed am i or not, whether i look like a geek or not by just wearing a tight jeans and a sweat shirt, or what ever i am saying because not all there knows English.
i can freakingly dye my hair the color of bright green and no one would even notice me if i were there. but it is all very different here. it is either they are not exposed to all this commotions or they are just plain olddies. Lolx!

today did extra laps and i grew more friendlier with the water. and beginning to feel that water isn't all that scary at all. i am really thankful that they had finally find some teacher that are worth to have that calling. and he make me realized that if you don't want that single thing then it will never ever come to you even though you have to have it. it will not just obediently roll into your arms, you need to be persuasive all the way to get the results. laziness will always be there but that is something that we should all try to control it within us and not let it to show to often.
assignments are beganning to pile high up at my study desk and i just can't seem to find the time to do it!!
who can help me a?! i can't bear all this commotion any more longer weh...
i used to love assignments during secondary prolly because it is individual and i can do it my own way and at my own time but now i have to come across to everyone's decision and everyone obviously have to do their part. resulting delayment and thus last minute work. most people love last minute things because they think that when you are in the last minute, that is when all creative, wacky and bright ideas start to pour out. but obviously you need to work your ass off and then never knew what is the sun and the moon! lolx!!

it took me 2 hours plus to reach home today and am as beat dead as the real ones!x(
please, never ask me again why i don't stay nearby.
i hereby tells you that, my mum is over protective and thinks that staying there is not safe and it is very costly lo. as for me, i kinda agree with her because i dread washing all my own clothes, have to kinda like fend for myself. i will surely end up clubbing away all the night instead of burning the midnight oil.
being last minute will then become my priority.
ok la, i am dang tired.
tomorrow got taking test!!! for volleyball to those that dont know.
i dread going!!!


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