Tuesday, November 11, 2008
i felt much much better today because it seems that all that is needed is just a give and take situation.
i give you face, as in a way of apology and you accept it. it is what we called a win-win situation.
really, it is no use that we avoid each other since we are living and breathing in the same confinement of air.
prolly we all should start looking around for people to forgive and to ask of forgiveness. friendship are never easy to find and being able to find them is like we hit the jackpot under the sea. some people tend to appreciate them and hold onto them dearly, while some just make it another game plan for them to achieve what they desire. peoples once said that it takes a thousand years to find true friendship but a minute to destroy that bond. isn't that very very pitiful to hear?!

i learn that we should never ever trust anyone on whole and we should know what to do in situations where everyone is emo-ing. lolx! peoples being there and done that will know what the heck i meant.
being emo is never ever the solution of the world. stick up your head way up to the sky and face the situation bravely is the best solution. if that does not solve anything, then at least what is best had been carried out.
new places takes us to new findings. sticking to one place forever is never ever the way.

alot of people asked me why is that bloggers should blog every single day especially new bloggers..
now i answer all of you so don't ask me ever again, i am sick and tired of answering the same question.
i had once attend a Juniour Journalism seminar, and there they had exposed us partly to the world of media, such as the making and editting of a good piece of news and turning them into newspapers that we read today. it was really hard, only people with very wide knowledge of everything and everyone around them are able to fulfill the requirement of a journalism.
this college also invited one of our Malaysia's best blogger, or should i say famous blogger, known for his own unique way of blogging which is direct and to the point and not forgetting bloggings with loads of pictures.
he told us what he does and the fun of bloggings and there and then i realized that blogging is my thing, since i lurve to ramble non-stop.
he also told us that blogging unintentionally helps us improve our command of English.
straight to the chase, he says that blogging everyday, as in updating , will helps us create this habit of "writting" everyday. besides that, we should always be here and comment on other's blog, in a way to let people knows your existence ba~
by this way, all your comment spaces will be all occupied, you creates traffic in your very own blog.

and to those that are unsure of what a blog is, or how it works...
well, it works this way la, i don't know how to explain how it works. its just that you don't have to think the whole day what are you going to write tonight. you jusat have to let it flow out when you are in front of your computer. don't need to exactly write as freaking long as mine la, i ramble a lot and my constructions of words are humongously good.. so... lolx!!
anyway, a blog is what i like to call it an online journal, diary...
which means you can write anything in here.. i meant anything..
don't bloody care what people say la, you being satisfied is the best! lolx!

sudden update
selfishness will never ever bring you any where lo..
you should really realize what is really happening around and whether is there a place for you to voice out your rights!

i had learned my lesson and you should be too...
although i don't favorite you, but still, i can no longer see you being backstabbed by anonymous people, loitering around with that pity look begging for friends. always pretending to be someone that you are not. haix.
just be wiser la and my tips for you is to not butt so much into people's agenda lo...

Say Kee!! i miss you!!!

remember this? i washed it once only leh because i don't dare to always use it then i have to wash it, then wash too much, i scare that it will destroy!! lolx!! you see!! i so jaga what you give me lo!! love ya!! muackx!!


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