Monday, November 3, 2008

Class Canceled Again~~

Today is the stupidest day ever in my life!!
Class starts at 11 today but i follow my mum out as early as 7 and reaches college at around 9.
Yes~ Traffic jam on the road and it took me 45 minutes to reach Sentral. And there i waited for another 30 minutes and it took me around 20 minute to reach the last station and another 15 minutes in the bus waiting for it to move and to at last reach college.
See~~ See the ma fan-ness that i need to go through just to gain some knowledge. So don't you dare come up to me and say that i don't know what it takes to take the chance to gain knowledge! Woot~
And so waited for almost 2 hours till the first class starts.
Half way through that, the class representative announce that the next class has been canceled.
The lecturer, with the reason that " I am sick".
At last minute only say sick?!
So we all was obviously happy la that class cancel but to the thought of it, we need to replace it another and that really bengangkan us la~ As if we got so many time to wait for this lecturers to replace classes at all times!!

Luckily i decided to come home. It feels so good to be at home where i can sit down, relax, read my story book or watch a movie or better still... BLOGGING!! Woot~
Camwhore like nobody's business in the bus just now.

Cute-ness yang sungguh tak jadi. I upload it anyway~ Lolx!!xp

Woot~ My eyes can't open big!! T~T

Tried to smile with my teeth visible butt~ I look retarded!!! So~ I gave up smilling with visible teeth.T~T

Blurred and fatness. Ok~ I am determined to diet now~ Hmm~

Woot~ Love me cheek bones!!

Wee~ I got double eyelid and dimple( not pimples ok~) and EYEBAG!!!T~T Goshness!!!

New hair cut. Shine on me!! Yea!!
Then got tired of it and just sat still.
And then it rained!! Woot~ Lucikily not lazy to bring umbrella~

Then a song came to mind.
Let the rain of Your presence fall on me~
Everywhere that i go, Lord let Your presence flow.
Rain on me~
* sorry for the VAINESS above!*


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