Saturday, November 15, 2008

People Asked

1. people used to ask, "Does Malaysia ever celebrate Halloween?" well, my answer to you is, NO.
they LIVE with Halloween. the reason that i say this is because when you are at Times Square, you will feel that either Halloween is already here or it is going to be here. teenagers nowadays love to play dress up. as in the famous Harajukku(Japan). well, it is known as I-Socks here. i, who does not give a damn about this look would rather prefer Japan's style. yes.. it is much more scarier but it is almost like what is in the animes. while I-Socks here are pretty freaky and not up to standard at all. well, keep up la yea..

2. i have been working on my assignments at last!! yea.. last minute again, but not that very last minute like the last assignment. i manage to almost fully complete the whole thing in just a day. started off as early as 11a.m and i stopped working on it at around 6p.m just now. do you call that craze or efficient work? i don't know anymore, but i finished it!!!*halfway* mum was barking all the while because i kinda like lock myself in there in order to complete it. people's messages also i did not reply. sorry!! busy bah~~

3. this is like the second time i am posting this. they used to asked me why do we as bloggers need to blog everyday. now, they turned over the question... to.. "What inspired you to blog everyday?"
in my mind, i was like..."Isn't that the same?"
but i will still answer you. nothing really that kinda like inspired me to write la... it just came up when i go online. well, if i attended some event that day, or some kinda birthday or outing, then that is another thing. we don't live life like Ivanka Trump, where you could just step out of the door and say that you want to throw a party right here right now, just for the sake that you have something to blog about. once a friend told me that, to have an interesting story, we need to go out there to find one and not just sit there and expect it to roll to you. so i encourage all of you to blog everyday and there and then you will see then fun in it. and don't be lazy!!

4. people also used to ask, "Why i am so into dogs?"
people, seriously i also don't know why!! seeing to the fact that none of my family members are that into animals. not that they hate them, they just treat them as another living God created thing. as for me, i treat them like they are my finest treasures. lolx! i just love dogs, not bias... I LOVE ANIMALS!! so stop animal hunting, cruelty on animals, animals skinning, eating endangered ones.. you got what i meant.

5. they also ask "How come are you so good in English? you use then at home?"
to tell you the truth, i grew out of using English as my mother tongue and grew into using more of Cantonese at home. my English suck already la..should have hear me for the past 3 years... only English, Mandarin is totally an alien to me.. lolx!!

woot~ time for movie!! Gem Of Life, here i come!!!


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