Monday, November 24, 2008


i am from science background when i was in secondary. now that i am in business course, obviously, the knowledge of accounting is required. was and am still suffering to cramp all accounting related stuffs. got 2 semester stuffs to remember!! what the!!
yea~failed first semester. haix~
today i had seen the light, literally...
suddenly accounting seems easy to me and it was like i had seen that some where before. was damn happy and hopping around, singing Yay, finally acc is easy!!!

ok~i forgot tomorrow got BISA coursework and BM presentation!!
what the heck!!
i was so overwhelmed by my great achievement of mastering Bank Reconciliation is just mere 1 hour till i forgot that accounting is not the only thing that i need to master! damn!
back to study~
thankx umanadama(i duno how to spell ur name weh)(got any shorter name?)for that shisha enlightment!!


umanamadana said...

yup you're welcome. if you're thinking of smoking, jst go try shishing for a while. dont even thinkg about ciggies. they ruin lives~
umm umanamadana >shortened to> uman. lol

Voxy said...

neh~not that keen on trying shisha but i am keen to know how it works and whether if we use apple flavor,when we puff smokes,will the whole place fill with the scent of apple?

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