Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gem Of Life and Maple Mania!!

i am finally addicted, again, back to Maple. i was at level 60++ during my first addiction and i now obviously forgot that old account password, i had to start all over again and am now only at level 7. yea..i know.. like what the heck right?! Lolx!! i am not even qualified to become a magician yet and prolly will get bored at it again before i am at level 8. lolx! to those that Maple's, my name is Pinkpau and i usually go to the Aquila. you will definitely find me there!! wee~

another new found addiction is to the famous Hong Kong soap drama which had 80++ episodes for me to finish up, and with my exams and 2 resit paper to be around, i doubt i can/even have the time to watch those shows.! you all should know this show la, because if you not...where have you been la??!! lolx!
yea~ it is none other than The Gem Of Life.

like kinda old leh this picture! whatevf la~~

woot~~ i hate this mushroom!
continue maple!!


umanamadana said...

Lol mapple story.
What is it about that game that gets young boys and (slightly older) girls so excited.

Is it because of the cutesome characters? or the simple mechanics of the game, requiring only one key to attack?

I guess I must try it myself... where to start...

Voxy said...

hahaha~~ this is so fun!!i meant the game. cuteness of character is prolly 10% of it, the rest is the easyness of that game but at the same time is the want-ness to up level lo~

you sound kinda irony leh~
just type maple and download the hold thg lo~

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