Saturday, November 1, 2008

With Money There Is Pleasure, With Pleasure There Is No Money

Today's spending was way out of my budget for the whole month, all thankx to the sudden extra class that the teacher suddenly think of.
Went all the way to Setapak where my college is just to attend that 2 hour class would be the most ridiculous if i went home straight away and did not enjoy my ass off nicely. Lolx!
And so decided to go swimming as this is my new found interest. Then it got real hot and so i ended up with a very "nice" shape line of the swim suit.=.=
Oh well, i need tanning any way~ Lolx!

Then it got really tiring because the genius side of me tells me not to eat anything before swimming and so i did not consume anything solid and jumped into the swimming pool. Little that i know, i feel kinda dizzy and was really lethargic even though we were in it for only about 2 hours.
ME SO SMART LO~ Lolx! Doubt that i will do that again.
Ok~ nothing that i post up till now has anything got to do with the title.=.=

2 hours later, was in the bus on the way home to my side of the world and the bus was really crowded!! Gosh ness!!
My feet were stepped onto many many times by many many people!!
In my mind, i was like " Hey people, can't you grab onto something than to step on my foot and unbalanced yourself!!"
Then there is this really fat guy who went and step onto my leg!! I was like "Man!! Go slim down before boarding the bus and waste human space la!!"
Yea~ I know~ I am mean. Well that is me, face it!! Blek!!

Went to the night market after that to meet up with my mum and there, i waste money for pleasure.
I bought 2 t-shirts, 1 brand new purse and 1 new pair of pumps. And in mere 15 minutes!
So wonderful!! What a wonderfull girlfriend i will be man and before you know it, you are going to be broke!! Lolx!! Can't helped it weh~ dasar shopaholic!!
Want to see what i bought? Sure i will let you all see!! I blog with pictures mah!! Lolx!! A code that i got from some so call famous blogger in which i don't think her blog is of any good. Kinda lame and full of self pride...

My nice and new and fake piece of new Louis Vuitton clutch. Not really clutch la, i would love to call it "PURSE".

Woot~ This is not a piece of cloth ok~ It is my new blouse that i am going to used it to play volleyball. Says there, "100% cotton, made in Thailand"
I was like, What??! I don't even have the feeling that i am wearing a cotton blouse. Whatever~

And then my nice piece of MNG blouse. Yes~ it is cheap, it is fake BUTTT, the material looks and feels better than the real brand MNG.
Woot~ People are getting more chio-er with ciplak-ing things this days. xp

Don't care la whether it is real or fake, as long as it looks good on the owner than who is to say that that thing is cheap and not nice.
Like in one of my assignment and we stated out that "Fashion is ever changing, and no matter how hard it takes to heed after it, you will never ever be satisfied"
So~ VIVA LA VIDA and be yourself because that is the best!!
* winks shiny-ly*


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