Sunday, November 9, 2008

Bestties Revealed!(part 2)

time for my second bestties revealed!!
ok~she is not only a besttie, she is also a sister, a dear sister to me...

that is none other than Miss Miyoko Lee...a.k.a Sarah Lee~
yea~she is a Japanese~Lolz!!
definitely no la!! her real name is Sarah Lee Ling Hui.

she is a camwhorer, a real Queen of sms, my place where i keep all my secrets and me being hers too~
we 38 every where that we can, be it through sms, or on the go.. we will stick to each other and laugh our ass off at the tiniest lame jokes, well lame for you all la, not for us because our mind spins ten times faster than all of you all!! Lolx!! you all will not get that, only me and Miyoko will get that part. and i bet she is laughing her ass off if she sees this that is.

i can't really say alot about her because most of it are our secrets.
all i can say is that this bff of mine will bring out the cheeky side of mine and as for the first bff, she brings out the patient side of mine! woot~ friends do matter and that is to see how you chooses them.
yea~i nearly forgot!!
please pray for this bff of mine as she will be having her SPM like all form 5 does this coming 11th of november!
woot~ very goodluck to all of you..
trust me .. it was a piece of cake.. after the exam of course only then you will feel that!!
in a nutshell, study smart not hard...
we always hear this.. but it will never work... so my motto is..


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