Sunday, November 23, 2008

something about today~

someone gave me a rang today. it startled me because it has been almost half a year since she called, or rather, we talked. she was my secondary school mate, not that good, not that close but still way better than the friends that i am having now.
seems like she has finally decided to move on in life. not marry la... she is currently working with Maxis in one of the branch in Kuala Lumpur, not going to tell where...blek... she has been having this thought of resigning with Maxis company and there were two options that she could get on life with.. one, that is to go to Celcom, sounds like traitor right?! Lolx!! but maxis is hell to work with la.. second, that is to go learn what i have thought of learning... saloon and those manicure pedicure shits.

the next minute, she told me that she wanted to choose second option and let her boyfriend fend for her, she says that it is high time that the BF starts to learn and she is traning him to do so... lolx~ so obvious la that she is going to marry him. Hahahaha...
she then told me of how her secondary besttie, sissta, BFF started to act weird and tries to ignore all her calls, obviously not replying messages. how life changes!! one minute down the road, they were hugging each other and hands all around shoulders and then the next hour, both acted like they never knew each other and just carry on walking even though they tripped on each other!!
who ever invented Best Friends Forever,... Bullshsit weh~ there is no such thing as BFF. not till this 18 years of life that i had seen one.. so barr~~ heck to BFF title!!

i had a lot of things to rush through and there seems to be so little time!!
mum says that i am lazy that is why i have got no enough time.
"every one has 24 a day, so stop saying you have got no enough time. shut up now~" says mum!! T.T tried doing my tutorials today, definitely have a lot of I-Don't-Know-How-To-Do and What-The-Heck-Is-This!!!

dyed my hair again today!! wee~~
yea~ i know..cancerous.. heck.. don't care la~
burgundy this time!! woot~~ and am loving it!! i have always wanted reddish hair so that i can look like a devil! lolx!! i want to look devilish!

early this morning, my mum nearly cost someone a big hole in his pocket and in my mum's too...
she nearly helped someone fly the car's door..
well, according to law, it was that person's fault la because he just opened his door without looking out. some more dare to glance and beckon us!! woot~~ church member some more!! wah!! what an eye opener!!
heck~ people are still people~ no matter what religion they are, bad habits are hard to die.

maple is so very the best!!!
best until i don't know how to do homework and all i could think of is way to up level!!
woot~ have to do it at school tomorrow la~ too bad~~ friends, i so need your help!! heheheheh~~
back to maple~ chiowx~


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