Sunday, November 2, 2008

Early of The Month = Still Got Money To Spend.

Sunday is forever church day and this week is the holy communion week.
But before that, we had our sermon and i was sleepy through out the whole service. Goodness!! God please forgive me!! Then started camwhoring people.

Pastor right in front preaching and me camwhoring!!

This aunty was actually sleeping weh~ This picture blurred because one of my friend saw that i wasn't paying attention and woot me.
And so i was caught red-handed for being mischievous and stopped camwhoring and tried paying attention.
And long before i know it, the service ended and i was very delighted and thought of what to eat! Lolx! My stomach was rumbling like nobody's business weh~
Later went to eat mai fun sui and hong dau sui. And then satiated and went to fetch my brother from Judo. Watcchaaa~~ for my brother!! Lolx!! Lame=.=

During evening, went out again because my mum wanted to get something and so went to the Kajang's Tesco.

My mum choosing tuna la~ Not that la~Lolx!!

Today Tesco is extremely crowded and almost everywhere that i went today, are crowded.
And so i asked:
Me: why today all places also crowded wan?
Mum: because it is the starting of the month.
Me: what has that got to do with spending and crowd-ness??!!
Mum: got payment on the 25th of every month ma so the early of next month still got money to spend lo and so crowded lo~
And so i have got nothing else to say...

Went to Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) and not called Kajang Fucking Center ok~~
to have our dinner. I once camwhored my mum's ass and not forgetting bro's too while sitting down and "chopping" the place.

Even here also got a lot of people eating and me salivalating while waiting!! Lolx!!

Bla bla~~ And went home and started studying plan but obviously tak jadi...

I know it is lame but i was so bored that i have got nothing to do and with a handphone that has 2.0 Mp, it is very hard to resist camwhoring!! Lolx!!


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