Wednesday, November 5, 2008
swimming day today it is. Lolx!! i have been infected with Star Wars. talking backwards and all shits. can't blame me weh, i come back only my brother is there watching all the episodes of that show.where he got all that from, i have totally no idea about it. did not even notice that he bought them.
annnyyyywayyy, i think i swam more today compared to other days.
because i felt freakingly dizzy in lecture hall today and i slept soundly through out the whole lecture without even a stir except for the last few 30 minutes because it was to hot and i began to feel nauseous.
i drank a lot of water i guess when i went swimming and i did not eat before that and so my stomach caught the wind. haiz~ i was like burping all the way to the canteen after lecture and can't help feeling dizzy.
but it was great today, i swam more. but we had a hard time going to my friends house this morning due to massive traffic jams around Kepong area and also owing to the rainy weather this morning. paths which usually took us 30 minutes to reach had turned into an hour today.

wasn't at all in the mood for classes today but nonetheless, time flies today without any certain reason.
people usually say that when we have things to do, time flies! but we have got nothing to do today except for sleeping.well that statement was only for me. friends were all so bloody gan cheong for the ME test today, but i just play cool and lie here and there. Hm~ no wonder i don't know how to do la~lolx!! whatevf la~
then had our small coursework test.
every question seems like i know the answer but it just wouldnt come out, the answer i meant...
5 marks for every objective question is like way to banyak markah to give it away la~
i hope i friggin pass weh~
because i totally had no idea for the subjective questions.hahaha~results of being lazy like a pig.

today's dietry regime i so out of order weh~
i ate maggi mee this morning right after swimming in which actually after every sports we should consume solid food 2 hours after that but we were rushing so...exempted la~xp
woo~and so i ate brekkie today!!!T~T
then on the way to college, we saw tau fu fah*my fav weh*and we went down and buy la,whatelse...
now that is fattening but i calmed myself down by thinking that soy beans can help baby-rize my skin and make it look nicer.i know la that that is lame but i will never give up eating tau fu fah for skinny!! Lolx!!xp
then, before the next class, i had bread and i bought a Skittles and i just ate the whole pack just like that without sharing... not that i don't share, they don't want!
ish~no racun one la~lolx!!

my half eaten Skittles!! i like this due to its sourness~woot~~xp

today, reach home late once again due to some circumstances in which i shall not proceed.
just say that i am not a hypocrite to write about someone here and bloody hope that he/she does not reads it. when i write it out loud here, that means i really want you to see it. metamophorically saying, "I have Balls" Lolx! i won't chicken out last minute of that is what i had determine to do, sturborness you may say but heck~i don't care.
my motto is "Don't Mess With Lau Niang" xp
just joking la~woot~today is so friggin cold...

somebody actually reads my blog weh!!
i am so friggin happy!!=p
i enjoy writtin and savors the moment when people reads it.
but i am not your neighbour nerd ok~who loves reading and writting stupid poem.

songs to me ears: disturbia, one step at a time, viva la vida, bu de bu ai...


Anonymous said...

i wanna go swimming =)

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