Monday, November 10, 2008

Virgin at Photoshop

i am like such a virgin at photoshopping!!
heard of it like a gazillion times but have never tried it before...woot~ and today i tried it, not mush difference though. is it because i am no good at it or what?

it was like this------------>

then after a little help from photoshop at Picnik------->

what the heck am i doing i will never know.. not much difference right??
i re contrast the color on my face because my friend said it looks bloodless and i kinda love tan so i make it tanny!! lolx!! and i realise this side of me looks nicer so i turned it over. woot~~ i got blue hair samo!!! realize that my eye bag is all gone??!!
the miracle of photoshop!!! wee wang wang~~!!!!

i shall try new stuffs at different site!!


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