Monday, November 24, 2008

always wander....

is shisha-ing same as smoking?

will they get addicted and thus starts to become horny??
can any one tell me what the heck exactly is shisha~??


tomatocruiser said...

you boil water at base of the shisha, and the steam will heat up tobacco stored in a chamber further up in the pipe.

all you're doing is just sucking in steam. unlike smoking cigarettes, you're not supposed to inhale. as in, the steam is not supposed to reach your lungs.

ive heard that using a sisha is much better than cigarettes because the tobacco isnt as concentrated (you only need a small bit to last 2hr sessions).

and you can get different flavours of tobacco- orange, strawberry...

go to a sisha bar and go hardout.

Victoria said...

hey umanamadana,
did you go google this up?or you are one of shisha addictors??
but i so darn appreciate it!! thax for the information, i am now not a katak di bawah tempurung!!lolx!! literally~~^^
now you make me want to try shisha,i want apple flavor got a?

tomatocruiser said...

lol, i read ur blog cos ur one of the few who update daily ^^

and yes, ive had sessions that have lasted from morning till night.

apple have. any type of fruit is possible i think.

Victoria said...

lolx!! update daily is good, then i am able to attract readers like u! lolx!!nice meeting you by the my blog?can describe abit a?cx alot of my friends dun quite like it..and i was like" this is my blog, so what the heck!!"

reallyrachel said...

shisha...they even have bubble gum n cola flavor leh. hahaha...its like eating mint candies. cooling...

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