Monday, November 10, 2008
have totally lost all interest in making jokes and talking to other people except close ones for this few days.
i have totally no idea what is creeping up to me.
messaging all the time seems to be the only way for me to kill boredom and my uncontrollable muteness. i am not born to be muted but i just cant find the strength to open my mouth and to talk freely and joyfully like how i used to. what ever that i say would always rebound back to my being and it will never come to pass. freely speaking is equivalent to hurting people. who ever make that sound that way, we will never know.

when i took a step back to observe the aftermath, it is always so strange to the thought that how sometimes all it takes is just a minute or two for something extremely big to sweep into our life unexpectedly and changes everything. be it from friendship to relationship. it feels somewhat inconsistent to the major part of life.
and all you can ever do is to be freaked out by it when it comes and stand in dumb awe when it is all over.
never ever able to do anything to fix it. rejection, fear, vanity, lack of confidence are somewhat and somehow main contributors of this messed up situation.
it happens to everyone but the aura of it might be well different from all, well, no one is ever the same right?
we are make that way, even identical twins arent that identical as they are named.
no one is perfect is what i learned though. since entering a new phase. new phase also brings about new attitude, new people, new way of life, new way of thinking, new game plan, new strategy to survive...

after all those ramblings...
i think i saw one guy named Monday from the singing competition show called "Superstars".
i heard the news that he is now back in school as he had kinda put it on hold to hopefully book a name for himself in this dark industry.
i guess he did not nailed that and that is why his face appears at TARC. yea girls, you heard it right.. it is at Tarc Setapak branch, main campus. lolx!
what the heck with that, it is not like he knows me also la... but he damn perasan leh, thinks that people are always eyeing on him. heck.
took the ktm back today and saw something that i have never seen before but not sure what was it also.

that long long thing over there, could anyone tell me what in the world it contains?
i am so very eager to know because i had this wild thought and was prolly daydreaming.
i daydreamed that this tank contains of petroleum.
it moves at a very high speed though, and so i had this thinking that they will suddenly burst due to the heat from the movement. friggin dumb right?
this is what i do la while i am on public transportation. so no entertainment. and i was nearly deafened by this morning's lrt which promotes Digi's stuffs. i shall eloborate no longer. lolx!!

and picture of my tired face!! sweat!!!
i wore pink today!! heck!! lolx!!


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