Thursday, November 27, 2008

today and yesterday

yesterday was prolly the saddest day of my life since entered into college life.
i knew that i was going to not score that both unit but i did not know that this will have such a big effect on the cgpa!
i was so utterly shock beyond words! and prolly damn ashamed also!
i did not expected it and it was not in my expectation to get that bad.
had a frustrated ride return home. jam like nobody's business, rained like cats and dogs and my leg hurts like shit due to the whole 45 minutes standing in the bus that doesn't understand the meaning of being courteous on the road and definitely have not been attending any street smart seminars.
told mum about the damn embarrassed thing
, the dumb cgpa...
and kena scolding through out the whole night! damn!

tried going online also unable to do so!

yesterday is like so what ever!!

today is volleyball day and also english presentation day.
we had our spiking test today and i almost broke my arm. guess that i am not professional enough..or.. is it just because of his skills?
overall, should be okay~^^
did our presentation today too...
happy to the max when teacher said that i was the best...marks that i will be very happy to get if today was my finals. marks of what i call almost to the max.
why am i so good in language and so damn bad in calculations??!!!

internet line damn suck!!
keeps disconnecting~ish~


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