Saturday, November 29, 2008

How To Do It?

i had finally started my part of being a tutor. i distribute flyers today!! and i am embarrassed to do so! damn~
i can so understand the feeling of walking the streets aimlessly, holding those damn flyers and wandering in my head which house should i head to first, will there be someone there, in the house peeking out and spot me and brush me away with the broom..bla bla~~
and i only want chinese students so i aim house that looks chinese-sey la~
and kena bark!! damn!!!
i thought dogs were cute and cuddly so now i have to revert my thoughts on them!! lolx!!
luckily no dogs chase after me!! but i saw some chickens by the road side though, and i saw one that almost fell into the longkang(drain) and i was laughing my head off, in the middle of the road, alone. but luckily no one passed by or not i will be sent to the mental hospital for laughing at the sight of chickens!
anyway, all i have got to say is, when there a "flyer people", that hands you pieces of paper that you prolly won;t even glance at it, just take it anyway, just for the sake of making them happy la.
this job really needs a lot of courage and you just have to be very thick skin to be up to this job and i am not a very thick skin person, so i am not up for it!! lolx!!

wee~ came back, took a long and nice bath, then went Mcd.
to study.
yea, that is kinda a style among us friends la.. well, i kinda pick it up from Power Ranger.
i went alone and sat there doing my things and onlining for well around 5 hours! wee..
at least i got something done!!

since christmas is around the corner, i have given a thought of changing my blog skin to something festiviti!! lolx!!
but i am unable to do so. i am not that IT literate and i am not that bad also, i am in the middle. yea, i love sitting ont he fence! so heck!!
could anyone teach me how to change skins the right way??!!
uman~~maybe u can help me!! lolx!!
urrgghh~~ how to do!!!?
i nnearly lost all the contacts! damn!!

meanwhile, this is the new me!

ok~ nothing that is so new la!!lolx!!
but i think i have lose of of the fats@@
wee~~ happyness!! and i dyed my hair but it is so unseeable~
thanks and no thanks to my mum for giving me overly healthy hair!!


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