Monday, December 1, 2008

At Last

wee~ at last! finally i had manage to change my blogskin. although this is not i really wanted, i wanted a Christmas skin actually but all damn to change! and i am so ever poor in html, xml.. i am not even sure what those are!
hope you all like this, kinda girly but heck~^^ but my navigation bar hilang weh! why arh?!

had combined service the other day.
as usual, met up with lotsa friends and am damn happy. church is overly big that is why la~hm~
and i notice that Flamingo Hotel has tried their very best to change the surroundings, the way they put things and handle customers but they are still on thin ice.
they are now having the largest resources and that is from our monthly combined service which cost a fortune!
wait till mid of next year when our very own church building is finally done, Flamingo Hotel can declare bankruptcy la! Lolx!! evilness...

i have not notice this 2 scenery before all this while i am at Flamingo. hell~ Nice la~
then ended, came back, nothing special so i also don't want try to make this blog looks damn long...
but then again, i did this at night.. see who can guess what this is and what i did with this things?! Lolx!!

guess what are those and what i did with those things?
please be freak out! lolx!!

had class today.
weekends seems so much shorter than weekdays! urggh~!!
i scared myself half dead thinking that Tuesday would be the Acc 2nd coursework test and so i did like super duperly a lot of studies the night before and slept less...
was duperly tired today but thank God that i would not have to go back by myself today.
ubberly tired!!
but the dumbest thing that i had in mind today, the whole day is that....jeng jeng jeng.....
i thought i would bump into "him". at the Sentral Lrt.
"" if you ever read my this post la...
i was expecting that "he" would suddenly walk up to me and tickle me or what ever shit! Lolx!!
ok~ yea.. miss "him" la~ miss you la dumbass!!
went into mum's car and the first word that she said was,
"you look damn yellow!!"
i was like what theheck!!
the prove, please tell me am i yellow or what??yellow as in pale la

i think i looked tired more than being a banana!
mind the lights, they follow me everywhere!!*o*


tomatocruiser said...

are those like mini fish. that you deep fry and eat?

they look edible... lol.

btw you're blog is very hard to read, like maybe you should change ur font color to white or something.

Victoria said...

change it already.. i was actually editting it.
no la...see properly la~~
i fry them for you to eat then you know!!lolx!!

try guessing it again la~~
got somethg related to fish!!

not bad not bad~~

tomatocruiser said...

oh yeap. its much more readable now ^^ my bad.

hmmm.. to be honest, i have no clue what those are.
im just guessing based on the fact that theyd look quite nice if deep fried XD

Victoria said...

lolx!!god!!u sure love eating huh!!
it fish worms la~as in those frozen packet worms that they sell for fish to consume.
lolx!!i fry for you to eat la!!lolx!!
damn~makan aje tahu!!lolx!!

tomatocruiser said...

hahahahahaha you serious??

thats damn disgusting XD please dont feed it to me. jst gimme the fish you catch with the worms lah ^^

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