Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Best Damn Thing That Has Ever Happened To Me!

on this 200th post, i would love to announce of the best damn thing that i think that has happened to me in this 2008 and am looking forward for more best damn thing in 2009!! woott~~

1) although it is a little cliche, but i must say that the first best damn thing that has happened to me is that i was pick for National Service out of don't know how many people in Malaysia. to the thought of it, it felt like i had won a lottery except that this you have to do some activity to get a small payment but then... it is worth it all.
"National Service sucks!!". this is what we always get and boo at when freshie is going to the site.
we cried while we are on our way and for the first week for many reasons. homesick is like the most common reason la but as for me i cried because i miss my books, my "job" as toddler teacher, my bed, my freedomness, my nail polish, the people there gave me wrong shoe size which causes great pain to my leg and i actually miss my own church! (i know that i am lame la...but it is true!)
then we cried even more when we are close to ending the sessions and are to go back! damn! i cried till my eyes can't open anymore!
ok~something unexpected happened which i thought will never happen, makes us cry even more!
there!! this is my first best damn thing!
and Rimba Bara rocks!! woott~~ the best team!!

2) being in college is also one of the best damn thing that has happened to me in year 2008!
being here is what i thought that it would be since like i was in form one. i kinda hated form one la but i love my form 5 gilaly troups!
college means no more ugly turquoise pinafore, no more recess-ing with younger kids, no more assembly damn early in the morning and make me all sweaty, more freedom, not pack classes... bla bla bla and a lot la was on my mind that time.
but actually college is more than that!! more assignments, more d.i.y, more friends, more life experiences and most importantly i am finally getting the "adult treatment". you know what i mean*winks*

3) this is my last of best damn thing which just happened today.
today was my first ko-k day in TARC. sarah called it koko crunch day and Darius really thought that they will distribute koko crunch in my college!! damn funny la both of them!! lolx!
my team did a fantastically great job today and was kinda disappointed that we weren't even in the semi but then again, i can proudly say that we won a match. a fairly good match.
i enjoyed my ass off, screamed my ass off, screamed my voice all out... yes, i screamed all throughout the competition! lolx!! and i played my ass off too~~ wakakakaka~~
other than that, i got bloody dark and tan after today. luckily not that sunburn. cause i use Neutrogena sunblock!! lolx!! lame~
even guys are scared of being too dark and tan! damn!
hope that we still can hang out together as often as we can and create more best damn things you all!!

yea i know~ we were the Digi team!! lolx!! cant get everyone into this picture la damn!!
my big family member!!
woo~~ love all of my new friends and those that had been with me through out my life!!
p/s: my post is influenced by Avril's Best Damn Thing!


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