Tuesday, December 23, 2008
i was so alone today because i decided to not go outing with the girls and decided to stay back to attend classes instead of skipping it.
i am broke too so yea.. no point going shopping too right? ha ha ha..
and i am not in the mood for karaoke and movies, so that is another reason that resulted me in being alone today.
oh well, haix~
over all i am so in no mood for anything else other than study study study and study!!

i was thinking of blogging about what i feel today but i can't really put it into nice words, so, you all guess it yourself la...

1) i missed all my close friends. i can hardly find the time to date them all out just to yumcha and to blow water. it has always been if i am free then they are not and vice versa. i always planned ahead of things like 3 - 4 weeks ahead, for an outing only to get a rejection. i am pissed. but there is nothing that i could do. everyone moved on and they have a lot of agendas in life. prolly some wanted to come but they have really tight schedule but some will just give a lot of plain excuses just for the sake of not wanting to contact us anymore.
can't you just say the word "NO"?

2) i had a really down day today. besides being all alone in college that is. i was anonymously getting scolding for things that was not of my doing. all i could do is just to keep my mouth shut and to take in those horrible words. i really really really hate it but due to my respect for that person, i choose to shut up and back off.
besides that, i heard a lot of things in which i wish not to have listen today. too much of gossip is not good and lack of it makes you wander too...
being a smarty pants also annoyes me, so back off!!

3) got a mail today. a card to be exact. i have always love getting stuffs in mail!! *hearts*
it seems that this card sender wants me to guess who is he/she. and that is my weak part.T.T i even sent my message asking around about the card but i sent it to the wrong person! gosh! so paiseh! lolx~~
there is a signature down there but i can't really make it out who belongs to the signature! hm~
i actually have a rough idea of who it is but it is kinda too far fetch too because we have not been contacting each other for quite sometime already! i would be super thrilled if it was her! this would be the best gift ever of all the christmas i ever ever had! *wish*

the card that i received today! cute weh the two bear and i envy them being in winter!

a really really long wish and greetings and very very seldom people address me with my full name and who would have been missing me so much???

a creative side which make me spectaculate is that girl because she is damn damn creative and loves drawings more than anything in the world!

signature that i cant figure out who it belongs to!!@@
does it look like it spells "Shok Yen" or "Jer Yen"??
all i have to do now is to wait wait and wait for the sender to message me to ask whether i received it or not! lolx~ i am too lazy to think of who~

4) i have this super cravings for winter now! woohoo~ today is so hot in Malaysia!
prolly 30+ degree celcius if i have to exagerate! it is so bloody hot today! i can't barely open my eyes when i am under the sun.
thank god that my friend promised to wait for me to give me a ride back home. orelse, i think i will be drenched in sweat before even reaching home!
hotness today~!!T.T

5) christmas is one day away! damn!
and i don't feel and see the exited-ness of this year's birthday of Christ. hm~ no activity this year~ no production, no nothing. sadness..

all of the above prolly sums up what i have been up to and what i feel today and maybe some of it are untrue, lolx~ all depends on how the way you all want to evaluate it! ^^

p/s: had lunch with Kit Mun today and happy to see that she is so well with her boyfriend but she brought another weird guy friend to lunch with us saying that he wants to see me!! wtf~~
pp/s: tarc got a lot of weirdos, so think twice before enrolling yourselves juniors!!!


JanicE said...

haha...thank you thank you
chill vic.. he's bit weird one ler

Voxy said...

not a bit la!!!is super!!!lolx~~how u know him i aso duno!!lol

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